Partner Program


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Partner Program

Only 10 Partner Programs will be Sold


Crypto Gods have Increased in Value

Almost 100% the Past Month

Due to increase in value of ETH

$2000 ETH Value April 2021

$3600 Value May 2021 80% Increase 30 Days


April 2021 Crypto Gods Launched

1/1000 Token Released at 5 ETH $10,000 Value

May 2021 ETH Increased so Tokens worth $18,000


An Partner buy in   at 10% for 50% Stake

Returns huge Investment Profits as ETH Increases in Value


With only 10% of the value of a 1/1000 Minted Crypto God.

You control 50% of the asset.

Less than 10 Partners will be created.

Less than 10,000 Crypto Gods exist, they are rarer than Crypto Punks.

For buyers of this item we will  transfer a 5 ETH valued Crypto God into your wallet on Opensea.

Anyone can make an offer on the asset on Opensea, usually higher than the original mint list price which is 5 ETH or $18,000 currently.

If it sells you keep half the selling price by buying into this Partner Option.

If you want to control a 50 ETH or 500 ETH Crypto God NFT Art Token, you will get  a code to control any asset you choose with only a 10% buy in (limit of 10 future buy ins at 10% option).

Again, this item will allow one transfer of a 5 ETH Crypto God and get you a partner code to invest in 10 Tokens at 10% buy ins.

If ETH doubles in value as it has done recently, your asset doubles in value.


$1800 option

50% ownership in $18,000 asset

$9000 value



ETH doubles

$18k asset is $36k

50% stake is $18k


When asset sells you get 50% of sale


Sales offers can be less or more of asset Minting value


They key to the success of any NFT project is having lots of owners.

This programs allows in lots of owners with a limited investment.


To Control $9000 Worth of ETH Tokens you would have to pay $9000 in ETH

With NFT Art Tokens a Series launches at a set ETH Value and the Market determines future value

However, the original minting value will increase as long as ETH increases

This amazing deal won’t last long, so BUY IN NOW












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